Autumn Term 1

Week 1

We have had a wonderful first week. We have been creating portraits using loose parts, paint and pencils. We have enjoyed exploring our indoor and outdoor classrooms and getting to know our new friends and teachers.

Week 2

We have had lots of fun planting this week. We now need to remember to water our plants to ensure they grow. We loved improving our balance when using the bikes and balancing on planks.

We made a tent in the outdoor classroom.

We have made cakes this week in the sand and in the mud kitchen.

Week 3

We have been exploring Autumn resources this week and using them to count. We found out where conkers came from and started to discuss the changes we are seeing in the trees.

Week 4

This week we have been thinking about safety and taking risks when balancing and building.  We have loved exploring our giant tablet and have used it to play Maths games. The Phonic Fairy has really sparked our imaginations and we decided to make fairy wands and fairy worlds. We even noticed a tiny door appear in our classroom and there was some fairy dust in the book corner.

Week 5

We have been reading the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. We loved retelling the story using our story tray, making playdough pigs and building strong houses for the pigs to live in. We have been learning about Autumn and exploring a tray of conkers, cones, acorns and pumpkins. We have been speeding our cars around the numbers as we learn the numerals  and watering our plants to make sure they grow.

Week 6

This week we read the book 'Egg Drop'. We looked at what happened when we dropped eggs (sorry Mrs Fenwick for the mess). We found eggs with sounds and numbers on, and discovered a very large egg in our story tray! Who laid such a large egg? Maths is happening everywhere this week. We have been balancing and finding things that are 'equal to'. We have represented numbers with objects and pictures. 

Week 7

We have had a busy week! We have been identifying different ways to represent numbers, and placing found objects into the correct container. We have made great progress with our writing and have been writing all the graphemes we know. We even wrote them on the IPads!