Autumn Term 1

Week 1


Our reception children started to stay for morning sessions this week. They have enjoyed exploring inside and outside. 

Police Visit


We had a socially distanced visit from our PCSO, Rachel. She helped us learn our new sound n,n,nee naw, nee naw. Mrs Dance read our new story. We have had a wonderful day rescuing each other and building fire engines and hoses out of loose parts. We wrote the ‘n’ sound using cars and paint.  Our imaginations have been on FIRE!

Week 2


Wow! What a busy week we have had. We started learning our phonics this week. We met a snake (s,s,snake), a farmer with a cold (a,a,choo), a pirate and a talking tap dancing cat (t,t,tip tap)! We have explored blending our sounds together and have been looking at numbers 1,2,3 in detail. We ended the week with a pirate dress up day to embed the p, p...Pirate Pete sound. We carried out treasure hunts and found golden coins. 

Our Amazing Art Work

We have created some amazing art work, inspired by the story, Leaf Man.

Week 3


Some lovely autumnal Maths happening this week in Oak Tree class. We have been learning to carefully count objects by moving and touching them. We have combined groups of objects and started to work out how many there are altogether. In Phonics, we learnt the sounds g,o,c,k. We met a grumpy bear, a funny octopus, a caterpillar and tried Ketchup on our cornflakes! Help us by practising our caption actions and sparkle marks at home. Our pirate buddies got a fabulous boat made for them with loose parts too.