Autumn Term 1

Week 1


The children have all settled back into school life quickly and our new children are settling well too!

It’s so lovely to see such happy faces every morning. We have all been busy exploring and learning in our new classroom and outside area. We’re all looking forward to more fun next week!

Week 3


We had lots of fun celebrating our pirate day last week. Our favourite activities were performing our pirate songs/dances and walking the plank in the outdoor area. 

This week we have been learning the sounds i, n, m and d. We met a very cheeky monster, Munch, who loves to eat jam on toast and a Community Police officer came to talk to us about how she helps us- she even played the siren so that we could practise our ‘n,n nee-nor!’ 

The Year 1 children enjoyed the story about ‘Munch’ so much that they wrote instructions about how to make their own jam sandwiches.

Week 2


The children are continuing to settle into our daily routines and are really enjoying singing lots of new songs. We are all so excited each morning to see what the Phonic Fairy has brought for us! This week we have particularly enjoyed our dough discos and writing our letters and sounds s, a, t and p and we even had a visit from the ‘Tip tap dancing cat!’ The Year 1 children have also been doing some fantastic writing in response to various well known stories.

Week 4


This week we have been learning the new sounds g, o, c and k. The children particularly enjoyed exploring the ‘Crunching Munching Caterpillar’ and we talked about rhyming words. We also used repeating patterns to create our own caterpillars and paint, to explore the symmetry of butterfly wings. The year 1 children have continued writing about these familiar stories. After reading ‘Octopus Socktopus’ we all enjoyed creating our own octopus and deciding what it could become. Some of us drew and wrote about a doctor octopus and others wrote about a ballerina octopus. We have also designed and painted our own butterflies ready for our new classroom. We are all very excited!

Week 5


During our final week of the first term, the Reception children have been revisiting the sounds that we have learnt so far. We played bingo and lots of matching games; each time the children read or heard a sound, they wrote it down so that we could practise our sparkle marks. Their sparkle marks are developing beautifully- the Phonic Fairy will be very impressed! The Year 1 children have been writing letters to tell the Phonic Fairy that we are moving to our new school building. They have asked that she sends our new sounds there. In Maths, we have been learning to compare objects and numbers using words and symbols.

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