Our Phonics Learning

StoryTime Phonics

September 2019

We have begun our StoryTime Phonics journey. Each day the Phonics Fairy leaves us a book in our story time bag. We learn the sound and the actions, to help us remember the phoneme. We also learn a 'sparkle mark rhyme' to help us learn how to write the grapheme. We are really enjoying the books and watching the Phonics Fairy read the story on the videos. We had some very interesting visitors in our school this week, including a farmer and a tap dancing cat!


September 2019

We loved learning the phoneme 'i'. We sang and read 'Incy Wincy Spider'. We enjoyed using the shaving foam and glitter to write the grapheme. We made lots of different types of spiders and spider webs. We washed spiders down drain pipes in the water tray and used tweezers to catch spiders in webs. 

September 2019

Shiver me timbers! We had a wonderful day dressed as pirates to learn the phoneme 'p'. We read the Pirate Pete story. We p,p,p..popped bubbles, made treasure maps, walked the p,p,p..plank, found treasure and even made p,p,p..patches for our eyes! There were p,p,p..parrots in class too. 

October 2019

We dressed up as builders and walked over to our new school site. There were lots of d,d..diggers and d,d..dumpers. When we returned to school we had to d,d..dig for diamonds.  We set up our own construction site, and enjoyed using all of the builders role-play items. We love StoryTime Phonics. Its really brings learning to life!

November 2019

We have enjoyed celebrating Bonfire Night. We painted fireworks, composed music and built rockets. In StoryTime phonics we went to the 'foggy forest' and learnt the 'f' sound. We have also enjoyed painting silhouettes of trees and we wrote the grapheme using chalk pens and black paper.

December 2019

December has seen lots of lovely phonics and wonderful books to help us remember the caption actions and to learn phonics in context. We are now learning digraphs (two letters and one sound) and trigraphs (three letters one sound). We have been on train journeys, met chickens, a Yeti and even a shark in the park! We are segmenting our sounds and blending them to read and write words, captions and simple sentences.

March 2020

To celebrate World Book Day, we dressed up as characters from the StoryTime Phonics books. Can you guess who we are?