Spring Term 1

Week 1

The children have settled well back into school. We have had a lovely week of child led learning. We have practised letters in mud, built very long tracks, learnt number 11 and the trigraphs 'ear' and 'air'.

Week 2

Great fun making Supertato and having adventures with him in class. We also wrote descriptions of him and made wanted posters for the Evil Pea. We weighed potatoes and carrots and ordered them according to size. There were water bombs in Phonics, and jelly in Maths. What a fun week!

Week 3

This week we have written about and painted pineapples! We have been looking at the number 13 and representing it in lots of ways. We made cards for Mrs Fenwick's birthday and have also been learning about pollution and recycling.

Week 4

Lots of dinosaur fun this week ending with some great writing. On our Forest School visit, we listened for birds singing and made bird feeders by threading cheerios onto string, and then hung them around the museum ground.

Week 5

We have had a science focused week where we completed a flower capillary experiment, using tulips. We had three tulips, two were in vases with coloured water (pink and blue) and we had one control vase with clear water.  We made predictions and recorded what we thought would happen to the flowers.  We left them overnight and then discovered that the flowers that were in coloured water changed colour.  We also had a go at making our own slime! We used amazing adjectives to describe it!