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Early Years Foundation Stage


In Early Years, we are laying the foundations for a lifetime of learning. Our intent at Badbury Park Primary School is to ensure children have the best start to their education, nurturing them into inquisitive thinkers and resilient learners and embedding a positive attitude to school. We recognise all children are unique and learn best when they feel valued, safe and secure.

At Badbury Park we want happy, engaged learners within a beautiful, authentic learning space that is calm and consistent. We intend for the children to become independent learners through being curious and embracing challenge, therefore building their confidence. In EYFS we want the children to be aware and have an understanding and empathy for the world around them and for this awareness to develop into a passion of looking after our planet.

Every child deserves to be given the opportunity to become the best possible version of themselves and at Badbury Park the children in Early Years are introduced to our school values that can be applied throughout their time in education and beyond – Be Adventurous, Be Ambitious, Be Curious, Be Kind.


At Badbury Park Primary School we have created our own Early Years curriculum in order to track children’s progress from nursery through to reception. Divided into three Prime Areas and four Specific Areas, learning is broken down into different age bands to assess if a child is currently working on track and identify any gaps in their learning.

Our Early Years curriculum builds on the foundations laid throughout their nursery experience, preparing children for the transition into year 1, where they will progress onto the National Curriculum.

Our Early Years curriculum is centred on meeting the needs and interests of our children and encompassing our school values – Be Adventurous, Be Ambitious, Be Curious, Be Kind. By providing opportunities for children to explore their own ideas, it shapes them into independent, confident, resilient learners. Children are encouraged to form supportive relationships with both peers and adults by providing daily circle time sessions and extended meaningful play, children are given the chance to create these strong bonds.


The environment allows children to be adventurous and curious through exploration and discovery. The classrooms are set up to ensure children are confident to take risks and problem solve whilst learning both knowledge and skills. We use natural, versatile and open-ended resources that are carefully chosen to provoke creativity, wonder and concentration both inside and outside.


Within our curriculum there is a focus on wellbeing, and outdoor learning plays a large role in reducing stress, boosting concentration and increasing a child’s engagement. Through welly walks and forest school, children in Early Years are exposed to the natural environment, have a firsthand experience of the world and explore the intrinsic effects nature can have.


​Our experienced and dedicated staff support the children in both adult initiated and child directed play. High quality interactions from EYFS practitioners ensure the child’s play has purpose and through questioning their ideas and interests, can be extended and challenged. Children are given opportunities to use what they have learnt through their continuous provision and these moments are closely observed, captured and recorded through the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD); an online learning journey which is shared with parents. Through ILD, ‘Open House’ and curriculum evenings, we foster positive relationships with families, creating a strong community ethos and open communication to ensure the children get the best support at school and home.


In Early Years at Badbury Park, we observe children who are highly engaged in activities, accessing many areas of learning and eager to communicate their ideas. The children will develop and consolidate knowledge and skills across the seven areas of learning, preparing them for the transition into Year 1 as they progress onto the National Curriculum. From completing the government baseline assessment at the beginning of Reception, to weekly observations and phonic and reading assessments throughout the year, we are able to monitor the children’s development and see their excellent progress. By creating observations in ILD, maths learning journeys and individual work books, we are able to see each child’s progression over time.

In EYFS children work independently, are confident to take risks and take on challenges, reflecting on their success and making changes to improve. The children learn to be ambitious, adventurous, curious and kind, so they can make positive contributions to the school, wider community and in the future.

A day in the life of a nursery Early Years child

Our day will start with a welcome and self-registration where children are encouraged to be independent. Once in setting, they are able to explore and learning in the environment through continuous provision plus enhancements.


Once the children have settled, we do a whole class register, count children and sing some morning songs. A small group may stay with the teacher to do a short task whilst the other children will go back to their exploring and learning, both inside and outside. In nursery at Badbury Park we have a rolling snack where the children are able to have a piece of fruit and time to talk to their friends.


At the end of the nursery session, we have a story or activity (such as dough disco), lots of songs and then say goodbye to our friends.


Throughout the session, adults are available to observe, model and engage in play. Knowing the children individually means that we are able to extend the children with a next step in learning during play.


Some children in our nursery class do 10-15 hours per week whereas some children may do 30 hours per week depending on funding.

A day in the life of a reception Early Years child

Our day will begin with a welcome song and a morning task. We will do a whole class register before we do a short carpet session for English, where we read a story linked to our weekly or termly topic.


The children then embark on a sustained explore and learn session free flowing either inside or outside. This session enables children to choose what they wish to do and where they wish to do it.


Once the children have settled into their play the adult will observe, wait, and plan and then join in and extend their learning if appropriate. Before lunch the children will have a phonics session followed by Funky Fingers, a carousel of activities to strengthen the children’s fine motor.


In the afternoon, the children will have a short carpet session for Maths before they embark on another sustained explore and learn session. The children may pick up their learning from where they left off in the morning or may change their environment completely. The day will close with the children sharing their learning, a story time session with ‘book talk’ and a going home song.


Other adult led sessions will feature in the day for example a P.E/yoga, welly walk/forest school, understanding the world and mindfulness sessions, using our Badbury Bee.

Children will have access to fruit and vegetable snacks and water throughout the day.

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