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The Blue Kite Academy Trust have chosen to use an anemone leaf to become the school logo for Badbury Park, after being inspired by the work of Richard Jefferies. Richard Jefferies who was born in Swindon, was an ecologist and took inspiration from his surroundings, which fed into the texts that he wrote. The anemone leaf featured in many of Jefferies books, such as 'Round About a Great Estate' and has since become the symbol for The Richard Jefferies Museum.


Our vision is for the children to become connected with their outdoor environment and to learn about the history linked to the Badbury Park area. We wish to encourage our children to follow in Jefferies footsteps, using their immediate surroundings as as stimulus for their learning. Due to natural environmental features that will surround our school, we wish to use outdoor learning as much as possible, across all aspects of our curriculum. We are so lucky that our school will have a stream and a woodland area, with Coate Water Country Park and The Richard Jefferies Museum sitting on our doorstep. 

Our School Uniform

Pupils are required to wear:

  • A black skirt, pinafore dress, shorts or trousers

  • Green gingham summer dress

  • A white polo shirt (with or without the school logo)

  • A grey jumper or cardigan with the school logo

  • Black tights 

  • Flat black shoes or black trainers

All pupils are required to wear school uniform, and each item should be clearly marked with their name.

PE Kit

A PE kit should be kept in school throughout the week and must consist of the following items:

  • Black shorts (during the colder seasons, black tracksuit bottoms may be worn for outside games)

  • A plain green t-shirt (with or without the school logo)

  • Daps or trainers

Optional Items to Purchase

  • A green book bag with the school logo embroidered to the front (with a shoulder strap)

  • A green fleece, with the school logo

  • A green sun hat, with the school logo (legionnaires or cap style)

  • A green woolly hat, with the school logo

  • A green PE bag, with the school logo

Our school uniform can only be ordered online via this website:  

Please see below deliveries options for you to order uniform and have delivered to the school.  If you have any questions,   

PMG customer services (01895 809321) will be happy to speak to you.

Click here to view the pricing leaflet

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