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Our Parent Views

Our Parent Views - October 2019

“I am pleased at how Badbury Park has started and how it appears to continue. My child seems very happy in her new school, therefore I’m happy. I look forward to seeing her settle even further into school and where academia takes her.”

“Amazing. Our son is so excited every morning to go to school, he’s equally excited to share his day with us when he gets home. We couldn’t be happier.  Your passion for teaching clearly rubs off on him.  Thank you.”

“Badbury Park are truly amazing. They have made my son feel totally welcome and have pushed his learning to a new level. He comes into school every morning excited to learn new things daily. Their ethos is second to none. Excited to see what the next term brings and what new ways of teaching is brought in.  Excellent school”.

“Our daughter has settled in well.  All staff seem friendly and approachable.  She always comes home very excited to share her learning with us, especially with the phonics fairy. Great first term.”

"We are very happy with the school and pleased with our child's progress. They have settled in well and enjoy coming. The small class means the children are getting some lovely close friendships with class mates and close bonds with the teacher who are all wonderful!"

“You are all doing a great job, there is no doubt about it. I can see the difference. Thank you very much. Keep it up.”

“Our son loves coming to school and loves telling us what he has learnt during his day. Thank you.”

“My child is very happy about school. She loves her classmates and teachers.  She is reading and recognising words.”

“Brilliant! A warm welcoming environment with a fun and stimulating curriculum.  Our son has come on leaps and bounds with his writing, reading and mathematics.”

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