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Our school is open for total of 32.5 hours per week. Outside of this time we also offer Breakfast Club. Please click here for further information.

Reception (YR)


8.30am: School Gates Open

8.50am: Classroom doors open

8.55am: Doors and gates close, morning registration

10.30am: Playtime and snack


12.00 noon: Lunch

1pm: Afternoon registration

2pm: Playtime

3pm: Home time

Y1 - Y4


8.30am: School Gates Open, line up at designated class number

8:45am: Promptly enter classroom, gates close

8.50am: Morning registration

10.30am: Playtime and snack


12.00 noon: Lunch

1pm: Afternoon registration

2pm: Playtime (Y1&Y2 only)

3pm: Home time (Y1 only, collect from playground)

3:15pm: Home time for Y2-Y4 (collect from playground)

Travel to School

Badbury Park Primary School is served by a number of footpaths and cycle routes and, due to the limited parking available at the school,  we recommend that everyone walks or cycles.  Walking to school is a great way to become healthier and can positively contribute to a child’s development. Weight control, reduction in the risk of diabetes, improved psychological welfare and better academic performance are among the potential benefits of physical exercise.

However, if parents need to drive, please park responsibly when visiting our school and note the following: 

  • Please drive slowly and responsibly

  • Never park across drives, even for a few minutes

  • Never park on pavements in a way which prevents pedestrians, disabled users or parents with buggies from using the pavement

  • Never park on corners and prevent a clear view for those crossing the road

  • Never stop on Zig Zag lines even for a few minutes

  • Never park in such a way as to block the road and prevent emergency vehicle access.

  • Pedestrians should only use pedestrian gates and keep to pathways

  • Parking in the rear car park (off Day House Lane) and school grounds is for authorised vehicles only

  • Children must not ride bikes or scooters within the school grounds

  • No dogs are allowed on school grounds

A copy of our School Travel Plan can be found here.

'Kiss and Drop' System

We encourage everyone walks or cycles to school. But for those families who need to travel to school by car, the school operate a 'Kiss and Drop' system from the rear staff car park accessible via Dayhouse Lane.

Enter the car park and follow the one way system. A member of staff will open the car doors and escort the children into school via the rear entrance. The 'Kiss and Drop' system  runs from 8:40am until 8:45am. Parents arriving after 8:45am will need to report their child to the main School Office at the front of the building.

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